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How do I make my batteries?

In a few words: short circuit, craftsmanship, discussion, follow-up with the artist, environmental impact at its lowest, high-end and above all a lot of love

Ludcher Drum Co drums are entirely made in the workshop by me. From the selection of wood, through cutting, assembly, turning of the barrel, the realization of the fittings.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

I use a method of manufacturing barrels in staves (like a wine barrel) because it is a manufacturing method allowing all the acoustic qualities of wood to be transmitted. A vertical fiber which resonates in the direction of the propagation of the sound wave and not a flanged barrel made of plywood made of beautiful woods on their outer layers only. The fittings, meanwhile, are also made by me. Starting with a raw brass bar that will be shaped to allow you to have a unique looking battery.

Noyer 14x10

Wood selection

The selection of the wood is an important step in the creation of the instrument. Not all woods are suitable for making a high-end instrument, even if all woods can be used to make a barrel. Certain species have been selected for their acoustic qualities and referenced over hundreds of years by the greatest luthiers. Today, I work almost exclusively with local wood species with recognized acoustic qualities such as walnut, cherry / cherry, ash, maple, alder, plane tree. I select the wood by spending a lot of time with professionals (sawmill, logging) in order to extract the best parts, those which will be used to create a high-end instrument.


Less glue

The stave drums that I make are 98% less glue than the ply drums. The glue dampens the vibrations of the wood and therefore restricts the sound. Less glue is the guarantee of better sound definition and increased resonance.

Ecological sensitivity

At Ludcher Drum Co we are strongly aware of the protection of the environment , which is why my drums must convey this love for nature. For that I use French wood and at most local until being sawn close to home. However, I sometimes work with exotic woods. The latter come from naturally desiccated trees or from donations and are therefore much rarer.

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